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“Jacob was an absolute professional from the onset of our discussions. He arrived early to prepare and had backup plans in place in case of WiFi issues. We would highly recommend using Jacob for any event requiring a streaming service."

Andrej & Sophie

as of Aug 31, 2021


4, 12, 25-30incl.


1-4incl., 30


21, 29


3, 4, 7, 18, 25



✔️  Professional HD Video & Audio

✔️  Up to 1hr of streaming (30mins pre)

✔️  Pre-ceremony slideshow

✔️  Custom wedding webpage that is password protected 

✔️  Unlimited streaming viewers

✔️  On-site testing pre-event*

✔️  Digital copy delivered after wedding

✔️  Travel within the following areas: Bay of Quinte (Trenton, Belleville, Napanee), Prince Edward County to Kingston 

✔️ Available across Ontario and Canada!



Hey, I'm Jacob (He/Him). I'm a digital content creator and wedding photographer. I have over a decade of experience in broadcast/production and have had the opportunity to work across Canada on films, TV shows, and photographed for National brands. 

I love telling stories, and I can't wait to tell yours using the technology of Remote Live Streaming! 


We provide you with a personal webpage for your family & friends to watch your wedding day live stream.

The page requires a password to enter and view the stream, ensuring your privacy is protected. 

You choose whom you want to share the webpage URL and Password with. 

wedding live stream personal webpage




Additional hour - $200

For ceremonies over 30mins

Travel Fees - Determined per event location taking place outside of our basic coverage area - Bay of Quinte (Trenton, Belleville, Napanee), Prince Edward County to Kingston 

Additional Camera Operator - $500

An additional camera angle enhances the reality of your ceremony!  

Reception - $700

Capture the grand entrance, special speeches and priceless moments—1hr time allotment.​​


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Wide Shot
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We got it! We'll be in touch soon.

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As long as your location receives fast internet speeds (5mpbs upload min.) or can receive a strong cellular reception (we use the Telus LTE/5G network), we can broadcast your wedding - crazy how far technology has come!

We use a simple system to keep everything compact and efficient while retaining professional Standards of Broadcasting. We use HD Cameras with zoom lenses, professional-grade audio equipment, including shotgun mics on a short stand, all while sending out a 1080p stream. This means your family and friends will feel like they're there with you.


It's truly the next best option during this pandemic!  

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Our Set-up


We wouldn't; here's why.


First, someone attending your wedding (likely a relative) has to dedicate their time to the live stream, and now they're missing out on the moment.


Second, a phone/laptop won't be able to capture clear audio and zoom in close enough to see you both.


Third, Facetime only allows up to 32 people, Zoom 100 (with a time limit). What happens if there's a technical glitch? Does this person have a backup plan?


For these reasons and more, we don't recommend the DIY approach for your wedding day.


Our team arrives a few hours before the start of the ceremony. We go over the plan with you just to cover any changes there may have been.


We then unload, set up, test our camera/audio systems, the internet connection, rehearse the essential details, and then begin your streaming 30mins before you walk down the aisle!

Once the ceremony has finished, we tear down our set-up, say our congrats and goodbye's, and you'll receive a digital copy of the ceremony afterward. 

We believe in offering a simple and headache-free service to you! 


You have your wedding day to focus on; leave the live streaming part to us. We're the professionals who will take care of everything and make your wedding look and sound exceptional!


What streaming service do you use?

We use a third-party embedded video player on your custom webpage for your wedding. This ensures that no ads play in the middle of your ceremony (yikes!), and the stream won't be censored for violating any copyright claims (music, etc.). Using a free service like Facebook Live, or YouTube Live is known to cut the stream entirely or mute it due to copyright violations. To avoid any interruptions, we use our own service.

Can you use Facebook Live or YouTube Live to stream our wedding?

While we prefer to stream your event using our embedded streaming service, we absolutely can stream to Facebook or YouTube if you request this. Please know, what either platform decides to do with your streaming bit-rate, showing ads, claiming copyright, is entirely out of our control and could interrupt or cut off your stream. If you're playing a procession song by a recording artist, whether it's a cover, acoustic or the original version, it's almost certain Facebook or YouTube will mute the stream. This means it's a strike against our company for violating copyright, and we can't broadcast any audio.

Will my stream be private?

YES! We provide you with a unique URL and password to your custom webpage where your family and friends can stream your ceremony. You decide who to share this link and password with. We can change the password at any time if you need it to be reset.

What kind of equipment do you use?

While we won't get into the specifics (it's our secret sauce), we only use Broadcast-Standard video and audio equipment. This means everything we use to stream your wedding is professional and reliable. Our equipment can be found in any TV studio or on film productions. And don't worry, these aren't massive television cameras. Technology keeps getting smaller, so our setup is really quite compact and easy to set up & tear down!

My location doesn't have good internet or reliable cell service. Can you still stream my wedding?

It depends! The good thing is cellular service (4G/LTE) across Ontario is widely available, and the 5G network is growing every month! You can check out what type of coverage is available where you are here: If your ceremony is taking in a place that doesn't have reliable cell coverage, we'll work with you to determine if you have enough upload speed or if we're able to hard-wire to a router at the location. We can guide you through a process to assess remotely if your location is ideal for streaming or not.

What is the minimun upload internet speed required to stream?

We require at the VERY MIN 5mbps to stream your event. We prefer 7-9mbps and up to give your viewer the best picture quality without any bit-rate fluctuations. You can check your internet speeds here at this link:

Is the wedding ceremony recorded?

YES! While we're streaming, we're also recording a hard copy of the ceremony. In the rare chance we lost our internet connection, we'd still be recording the proceedings. We have backups of the backups!

How does the stream end?

Depending on the package level, it will end differently for each. Standard: Finishes with walking back down the aisle, fades to an on-screen thank you and fades to black. Luxury: Finishes with walking back down the aisle, then the Bride and Groom say a LIVE hello and thank you to friends/family watching, fades to an on-screen thank you and fades to black.

What devices can we watch the Live Stream on?

Any device that can access the internet will be able to play the live stream. iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iMac, Android (Samsung, Google Pixel, LG etc.), Windows Laptops & Desktops can all display the live stream player. If you have a Smart TV or a streaming device connected to your TV (Apple TV/Google Chromecast etc.), you could directly play the stream on it. The possibilities are endless!

Can the theme of our page be changed?

Unfortunately No. Much time, attention to detail and tests have been performed using multiple devices and platforms to ensure the look and feel of the custom webpage and stream elements function and are on-trend.